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Pipeline emulsifier
    Publish time 2019-05-16 16:20    

Pipeline emulsifier is used to emulsify, homogenize and disperse products in industrial production. The machine is composed of first or second or third-level stators and rotors. Each stage is divided into two, four, six layers, and eight double-occluded rotors. The material is sheared, dispersed and emulsified layer by layer, and the processed material is absorbed into the rotor to withstand hundreds of thousands of shearing actions, thus ensuring the high dispersion of multiphase liquid and the rapid refinement of fixed particles. The characteristics of pipeline emulsifier are large processing capacity, on-line continuous production, narrow particle size distribution, high uniformity, energy saving, high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, etc. It can be used in industrial production and pilot-scale product emulsification, homogenization and dispersion. It can be connected to the pipeline for matching use.