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Double Screw Cone Mixer
    Publish time 2019-05-16 16:03    

Double spiral cone mixer is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, compound fertilizer, dyes, pigments, rubber, building materials, coatings, food, feed, additives, fine chemicals, ceramics, refractories and other industries of solid-solid (powder and powder), powder-liquid (powder and mist liquid) mixing. The double helix cone mixer makes the powder move in a circle along the cone wall due to the rotation of the double helix. The rotation of the helical blade causes the powder to discharge into the center of the cone for radial motion. The powder flows upward from the cone and is discharged from the surface of the helical circumference, i.e. mixing in the direction of the helical axis. The combination of rotation and rotation of the screw in the mixer results in four kinds of flow patterns of powder, i.e. convection, shear, diffusion and infiltration. Therefore, powder materials can be mixed uniformly in this mixer rapidly. The double spiral cone mixer is advanced in structure, convenient in operation, safe and reliable in operation. The spiral shaft has no bottom bearing, which eliminates the failure caused by the leakage of powder from the bottom bearing. The mixer is arranged asymmetrically with double helix, and the mixing range is enlarged from one big to one small, so it is suitable for mixing materials with different weight and special mixing ratio. The mixing process of double spiral cone mixer is mild, and the material will not cause over-pressure feeding, wear-out and overheating.