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LB Basket Lifting grinder
    Publish time 2019-05-16 15:27    

Basket lifting grinder is a multi-functional equipment which integrates grinding and dispersing processes. Widely used in ink, color paste, dyestuff, paint and other industries, with energy-saving, efficient, easy operation and maintenance and other characteristics. Basket elevating grinder consists of electrical cabinet, rotating shaft, grinder, pump blade, dispersing disc and grinding basket filled with high strength grinding medium. When working, the grinder, pump blade and dispersing disc on the rotating shaft are rotating at a very high speed. The grinder drives the grinding medium to produce strong shearing and collision with the material, so as to grind fine materials and dispersing aggregates. At the same time, the grinded material is sucked out of the grinding basket under the strong suction of the pump blade, and then dispersed by the dispersing disc, so the ideal grinding effect can be obtained in a short time.