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Coating Production Line
    Publish time 2019-05-16 14:03    

The main equipment of the coatings equipment is emulsification dispersing tank, paint mixing tank, pipeline emulsifier, horizontal sand grinder, powder feeding tank, static mixer, liquid metering device, air compressor, electronic control device, filling machine, etc. It can independently complete the whole process of emulsification, dispersion, grinding, refinement, cooling, filtering, vacuum automatic suction and semi-automatic filling. Pulping and varnishing are done in the same tank. This equipment can produce both waterborne paint and paint. Liquid metering, high shear emulsification and dispersion, vacuum suction, vacuum defoaming, semi-automatic filling process, from feeding to finished products. The special design of combined emulsifying head ensures that the processed materials run at no dead angle in high, medium and low viscosities. The perfect combination of dynamic mixing in the kettle and static mixing outside the kettle ensures the high dispersion and full mixing of pigments and high viscosities resins. Special vacuum design ensures material production in vacuum state, realizes automatic vacuum suction process and reduces labor intensity. Complete configuration, without the need of other auxiliary equipment, only connected to the power, this line can be used for production.