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Be the Most Reliable Supplier of Chemical Equipment

Laizhou BUT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and distributor of chemical machinery. Adhering to the principle of "providing customers with the best solutions and contributing the most harmonious value system to society", we have provided numerous equipment and service support for coatings, paints, insulation, ink, resins, rubber, adhesives, daily chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, food, batteries, construction and other fields.


Now we have excellent design, sales and after-sales service system, which can provide you with the best design scheme, the best equipment support, intimate technical consultation and the most perfect after-sales service. I believe you can feel our professional service level and honest spirit of cooperation, and look forward to our future as a good partner hand in hand. 

Innovation Foresees the Future           

Innovation is our source of life. BUT Machinery design team is willing to discuss with our customers, in order to develop excellent equipment suitable for their production needs. Select safe, reliable and advanced scientific technology to fulfill the requirement of our customers, so as to grow with our customers and face with challenges and opportunities with our customers together in the future.  


Exquisite Manufacturing Technology           

From the selection of raw materials such as sheet metal, consumables, electrical wiring and the processing of product accessories to the completion of forming products, we strive for perfection in every process. Details determine success or failure. We pay attention to details and pursue excellence. We have been working hard continually.     


Strict Quality Inspection Procedures           

In order to provide customers with the best quality equipment, each product is manufactured through strict test which was inspected by professionals, including welding, mechanical load, operation noise, dynamic balance, appearance paint and other processes, so that our customers can get the best use experience of our products.           


Careful and Perfect Service Support           

Service is the foundation of an enterprise. Considering the process of customers, we can tailor the production layout and convenient operation for you according to your production requirements. Whenever and wherever, we are ready to provide you with the best after-sales solutions.